Race teams

In 2023, we’re launching not one, but two CCC race teams!

We’ve created a ‘competitive’ section of 20 women, divided into two teams of ten. The two teams will compete in the Bonneville Cycling Federation league, a league open to amateur cyclists of all genders which delivers a ‘professional’ experience for amateur cyclists who want to ride as a team.

Why create race teams?

Our mission, in a broad sense, is to grow women’s cycling and help it in reaching its full potential. Historically, cycling events have been dominated by men, and we would love to see more women involved in racing.

Meet our team members

20 badass women

7 nationalities

After a victory last year in the national championships and the Ardennes classic, this year I aspire to the coveted blue jersey, contested by some 16 teams!

I look forward to be back racing in 2023, for more challenges and races, with a new and motivated team!

– Juliette Lucarain, Directeur Sportif

Discovering CCC has been inspiring and empowering – not only has it motivated me to get out regularly on the bike, but it has given me the confidence to push myself and take on new challenges!

For me, starting competitive cycling is a chance to challenge myself further and take my passion for cycling to the next level. The opportunity to do so with a team of amazing and supportive women makes it very exciting!

– Felicity Roach, Transport coordinator


Participating in races come at a price, from registration to travel costs.

We aim to remove barriers to women cycling – including financial barriers. We don’t want these costs to prevent motivated women cyclists from racing. That’s why it is important to us to find sponsors who can help cover the costs of the two race teams.

And if you’re able to offer further advantages to our wider CCC community, even better!

Both teams are still actively looking for sponsorship. If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting us, please get in touch.

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